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Well since my birthday is coming up, okay in like +/- 45 days (April 15) I figured I would start giving people some hints (ahem Colt) for gifts. ;-) I have had my eye on a tote for sometime now and I think either one of these would fit the bill... and they are on sale too! Buy them here. I think it would be perfect for me to have a decent tote to go back and fourth from the grocery store and The Farmers Markets on Division and Lincoln Park. Yay for springtime! Now I just need to work on attaining a bicycle too!

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Oh, I do love a good tote! This one is very nice. Also, I brought a couple of hte Chrisian LaCroix bottles to a holiday party, and they were a real hit!

Thanks for visiting me and for the nice compliments!

prada, marfa

prada, marfa

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