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The Graham Foundation for Advanced Studies in the Fine Arts is one of Chicago's hidden gems. It just so happens to be in my neighborhood and just 3 blocks away on the corner of State and Burton streets. When I first moved here I would walk by this prairie style mansion designed by Albert F. Madlener (Daniel Burnham's protege) and peek through the windows with the utmost curiosity. It wasn't until my dear friend Lauren came to visit that we ventured in. It was to our surprise how AMAZING and BREATHTAKING this place was! The current exhibition/installation on display until June is by London based architectural engineer, Cecil Balmond. He has collaborated on some of the world's most innovative and iconic buildings (i.e. REM Koolhaus CCTV buidling, Beijing) and some of the most prominent architects. This mansion is beautifully detailed! The windows/glazing, fireplace surrounds, ceilings, and reveals are of superb quality and craftsmanship. I have been there about 4 more times just to hang out as there is rarely anyone ever there and it is home to an expansive library filled with architecture/interior reference books. The long community table in the library is inviting enough to stay the whole day and take in all of the amazing literature and information. I recommend this place to anyone that plans on visiting Chicago or lives here. It is free everyday that it's open. Pictures below are from my visit with Lauren.

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Hay hay hay.. I made it on your blog! I feel so privileged! I had such a wonderful time with you my dear. I think it's time I start planning my return. I miss you so much!

prada, marfa

prada, marfa

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