what are your plans for summer?

what are YOUR plans for summer? i'm rediscovering oregano, taking a birkram yoga glass wearing a fitness bra by imitation of christ, and discovering golden rod havianas.... don't steal my plans!!

midterm week

That's the exact same reaction I have!


Oh you know... for the lake house overlooking Lake Michigan! Everything from 1stdibs. Have a lovely weekend!

why not white

I'm off to fort worth today thru weekend for a client! Excited for warm weather! Please pardon image quality, don't know why it downgrades so much from phone.

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moo moo

love this print 1/100 by meagan donegan

spring is right around the corner

50 degrees today! Yesterday was my first time riding my bike since November! So happy! Images from thingscurated

v-day lady edition

francisfrancis! espresso machine- unica home
jcrew black dress
yellow michael kors watch
butterfly print:
lemon drop: jones soda
yellow christian louboutin's
yellow victoria ghost chair: kartell



red paint on burlap to create swiss cross
white button down- jcrew
selvedge denim-gap
blue moccasins- jcrew
gold cartier tank watch- cartier
red & white eames chairs- dwr or herman miller
red espresso machine- francisfrancis! @ unica home
amazon kindle wifi
jo malone pomegranate noir cologne

living room

musings feb'11.02

I guess I'm in love with the neutrals at the moment.

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winter "vibes"


A couple of friends of ours are pregnant and are having a baby boy.  They asked for my help with the nursery that they are currently creating out of a large breakout space in the home.  They are transforming this underused space into a little 7x9 nursery for their baby boy.  When they were last in Chicago they purchased the world map and had already purchased the navy and white bedding.  They wanted me to work around these two parameters and be mindful of budget so this is what I came up with for round 1. 

civic stack

I love this dresser by von tundra
"Von Tundra is a Portland-based design house specializing in the creation of contemporary furniture, fixtures, installations, and interiors. Since the group’s founding in 2007 its three members have honed an aesthetic vision that unites Modernism’s efficient lines with the warmth of familiar materials and handcrafted integrity. As both a licensed company and artist collaborative, Von Tundra has the ability to engage a variety of creative activities, from client-inspired projects to conceptually focused gallery exhibitions."


musings feb'11.02

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which watch

I am digging this grey fossil watch by s+ark

j.crew has some friendly competition

We have a snow day today in Chicago and in the midst of working on my thesis I grabbed the first catalog on the giant stack of mail I have yet to go through. The first one was L.L. Bean Signature and I have to say that whoever they hired to give the brand a facelift is doing a great job!  The men's collection is definitely almost up to par with j.crew and the women's collection isn't too shabby either.  These are some of the things I wouldn't mind having in the near future.
glad to see they are using some hotties in their campaign
love (above)
I like the idea but that orange is a bit much for me but I know a few people that could pull off the pants!
This orange jacket is perfect paired with the olive shirt!
These shoes are $99 at for that price that is a steal!
I like the taller boot a bit better but for $99 I think I might just have to like the shorter one better!
these are only $90 and would be great with some cuffed selvage denim 
Yes! The duffle is a must!
Leather grocery bag... why the hell not!

and ladies... 
Well... go check it out, L.L. Bean Signature

prada, marfa

prada, marfa

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