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j.crew has some friendly competition

We have a snow day today in Chicago and in the midst of working on my thesis I grabbed the first catalog on the giant stack of mail I have yet to go through. The first one was L.L. Bean Signature and I have to say that whoever they hired to give the brand a facelift is doing a great job!  The men's collection is definitely almost up to par with j.crew and the women's collection isn't too shabby either.  These are some of the things I wouldn't mind having in the near future.
glad to see they are using some hotties in their campaign
love (above)
I like the idea but that orange is a bit much for me but I know a few people that could pull off the pants!
This orange jacket is perfect paired with the olive shirt!
These shoes are $99 at for that price that is a steal!
I like the taller boot a bit better but for $99 I think I might just have to like the shorter one better!
these are only $90 and would be great with some cuffed selvage denim 
Yes! The duffle is a must!
Leather grocery bag... why the hell not!

and ladies... 
Well... go check it out, L.L. Bean Signature

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prada, marfa

prada, marfa

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