shantay you stay.... sa-chaise-away

Holy moly... I haven't been posting as often as I would like... lots of things on my plate right now and I am in Houston on a 3-6 month stint working on several high-rises and I have also been working a lot on a new construction 6,000 sf home in Lincoln Park in chicago.  So, lots of designing and lots of commuting back and forth to Chicago and not enough time blogging.  I will try and be better about it y'all! Hope all is well! I just saw this chaise by McGuire Furniture and I must figure out a way to sneak it into my home ASAP!!!

I mean SRSLY people.. I need this!

honey honey

Have y'all checked out yet? They are similar to gilt and taigan shop where they offer deep discounts on items but the product selections are very well edited to fit a contemporary aesthetic... anyways, check out this honey jar for $55!

exciting news

coming later this week!!!


architectually speaking

hilarious! via sillinesses

musings june'11.1

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good f'ing design advice

baddabing- badda-bamboo

Beauty Through Bamboo from Turnstyle Video on Vimeo.

wow. i want his glasses and i love his design ethos. so true. corporate design world doesn't allow you the time to work with your hands as much as we should!

prada, marfa

prada, marfa

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