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sketches from undergrad

I am refreshing my portfolio for an upcoming interview and uncovered some lost files from undergrad sketching class.  That was probably one of my favorite classes I have ever taken.  I should re-enroll into a sketching class.  I love getting into a drawing and seeing where the process takes me. 

i whip my hair back and forth


I mean if I could just drop a few bills....

$900 -

Mondrian Mirror 22x80
$600 -

formosa calendar -
$310 -

Pia Side Table | Crate&Barrel
$199 -

Pendleton Woolen Mills: SAN MIGUEL SHAM
$98 -

Voluspa Japonica Ceramic Candle Pot
$40 -

Small Wonder | The Jambox -

bee nymph's file box: November 2006

prada, marfa

prada, marfa

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