happy new year!

I hope everyone has a fantastic new year!  Thank you for visiting my blig throughout the year!  I look forward to a bigger and better 2011!

(tentative) Resolutions:
1. Begin my business
2. Finish grad school/ write thesis
3. Get back into shape
4. Be a better partner
5. Go to Marfa twice this year
6. See family more
7. Cook at home more

I am sure there could be more added to the list but those are the things that came to mind first.

Be safe and enjoy the night and new year!

musings. december 10'.3

I really don't know how I amass such quantities of images on my desktop but it happens. Had to post these before they get sent away. Hope y'all are having a great holiday! I am enjoying my time in Houston and will be ready for New Years in Chicago! 

monday musings

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My mom and stepdad surprised me with this AMAZING little device today...
super cool. super small. killer sound! Totally AWESOME! Thanks Mom and Max!

happy holidays

st germain

I tried my first cocktail with this stuff the other night at a plaid party... it was amazing! I love the bottle!  I think one of my goals for the new year should be to acquire a brass bar cart and stock it for entertaining! 

lazy sunday afternoon

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prada, marfa

prada, marfa

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