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4 years ago my father passed away. 4 years ago I lost a part of me that I won't get back. 4 years ago I realized how precious life is. I miss him very much and know that he would be very proud of me today. Every year I read a letter he wrote me for my 17th birthday. Every year I cry but I know it's worth it. I will end with I love you because I never had the chance to say it. 

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I didn't know this. I'm so sorry to hear it, but I appreciate how you seem to be dealing with it.


hi yes he would be proud and he always knew you loved him .. he just didnt love himself enough.... its sad that he missed out on so much but now he has the best seat in the house!!! he is just saying mi hijo !!!!! que bueno !! can you hear him?? love you lots mom

prada, marfa

prada, marfa

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