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q. what is gold, sparkly, and bedazzled?

a. Leslie Hall (read below)
My good friend Allie came to visit me this past weekend on her way back to Boston. She has been on the road for almost 3 months putting over 10,000 miles on her car! She was a fellow Interior Design classmate of mine and pretty much is the biggest beer connoisseur I know! Read more about Allie's adventures and misadventures on her coast-to-coast road trip on her blog, Keep The Car Running. Allie and I used to have long conversations in really bad east coast accents like Mike Meyers on SNL playing Linda Richman during our delirious all-nighters in studio.
Hello! Who is this? This is Linda Richman!

Since I had to work one day Colt gave her the grand tour of the Millenium Park, Bucktown, and Lincoln Park. I resumed the tour with Gold Coast, Lakeview, Andersonville, Wrigleyville, The Loop, River North, and finally West Loop where we saw the keeper of the gem sweaters.... Leslie Hall! She is a glammed out midwest diva who is an avid collector and singer/songwriter of gem sweaters and sparkly spandex. I have to say that we were both a bit skeptical of this concert but my friend Dave convinced us to go. It was the funniest concert I have EVER been to and the most outrageous! I loved it! Check out Leslie Hall here!
Here is a video of one of her singles: "Get Crafty"

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