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For the past four weeks my other half has been working in Monrovia, Liberia and has one week left to go.  He was so good and organized this year that when he left he hid a bag with a christmas present for me along with a card to open that morning and one to open last night at midnight.  Inside the present was a great white bust of a gazelle. It's about 18" tall and is cast in resin.  It is super cool and I have been wanting some gazelle horns for awhile! I actually told him to bring me back some from Africa if he found some.  For some reason I am really into taxidermy and I like mixing it into contemporary interiors.  Find some for yourself here.

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Alcira Molina-Ali

Oh! Good for him! That's true devotion right there ;)
I love all manner of mounts. Right now, in fact, I'm jonesing for a porcelain rhino.
Enjoy that -- and the new and exciting year to come.
Cheers, Alcira


I love it! oh he is so sweet. :) Thanks for your comment on my blog it makes my day when people look at it haha.

I do wish LA was closer to Chigago... Congrats on Studio Navarro (or whatever title you choose, you will do fabulous I know). I would just love if some day we could have a project together... or two or three or more!


prada, marfa

prada, marfa

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