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make|space: a lifestyle magazine

My following assignment for media and communications is to create a 100+ magazine of our choice consisting of three volumes that can be related or not.  Current concept:
A lifestyle zine: home|food|city. I will try and capture the essence of people living in their environment. Living defined as an adjecetive by playing, sleeping, loving, eating, sitting, being, dressing... anything that makes your life interesting maybe. What are some daily habits that are personal? I will use the magazine to possibly start branding ideas for myself and/or a small design lab I am in the midst of creating with someone else. Also a place to showcase and practice my photography and graphics skills. I would like to provide a sort of mini biography on the person, couple, animal, object that goes along with the spread. Offer an inside view of culture shapers, movers, and makers in their personal spaces showing them "MAKE|SPACE".  
Here are some first round drafts, covers and facing page spreads:

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Got to say, you had me with the sandwich making, but all together it looking great! Much success Manuel! Cheers.

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Will @ Bright.Bazaar

So awesome. I need that shot of the banana for my apartment!

prada, marfa

prada, marfa

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