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the docks

Below is the next project I am working on with a classmate of mine, Aleks. 


The Docks : Objectives and Programming

1650 Elston Ave. Chicago, IL 60642

Exploring ideas of …..
Future of the city – Energy efficiency – Ecological urbanization

We seek to drive a shift in thinking, perception, attitude, process, method, planning, and organization in order to re-energize Chicago's urban infrastructure.

  • connect neighborhoods
  • create an environmentally – conscious community
  • promote physical activity
  • make a local culture and arts more accessible
  • actively beautify and clean the existing infrastructure
  • set an example of innovation in holistic living
  • undo the century of damage created by industry
  • introduce different modern architectural styles to promote creativity and individuality in architecture while creating an aesthetic language


Sculpture museum program

Public spaces:
Public reception/entry 1000-1500sf
Temporary exhibition  1500-2000sf
Retail Store 1500-2000sf
Cafe 1200-1500sf
Auditorium 100-150 people  2000-2500sf
Terrace 2000sf
Storage area  5000sf
Restoration and assembly area  1000sf
Administration 1000-1500 sf
Security 300-500sf
IT 500-700sf
Circulation  10000sf 

Permanent Galleries:
Donald Judd  2000sf
Dan Flavin 1500 sf
John Chamberlain 1500sf

Bathrooms - Men’s/ Women/ Family (per code)
Shower Facilities for bikers 500sf
Loading Dock (per code)
Vertical Circulation (per code)
Parking- Handicap (per code) only

Residential program

48 units: mid-rise loft/condos
1,2, & 3 bedrooms (850-2000sf T.B.D)
Communal areas
Community garden
Community bee farm

Outdoor park program

Water taxi
Sculpture park/walkway
Open Office Pods
Market place

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