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marfa, tx 2010 done. and done.

I'm back!  What an adventure to Marfa, TX!  It was our fourth year in a row to go and it is quickly inching up my list as a permanent place to reside.  I absolutely love west Texas.  So majestic, surreal, calm, and breathtaking.  This year Colt and I were joined by our friends Allie (via Montana who went to undergrad interior design with me in Colorado), Russell + Jonathan (via Austin, TX), Travis (via Houston), and Pam + Tom (via San Antonio).  It was such a pleasure spending time with this group of people!  We really did nothing but take in the scenery, eat amazing food, visit art galleries, wander, and watch the sunsets and moonrises over the big west texas sky.   

We had exceptional meals at Cochineal (date bread pudding= YUM, highly recommended!!!!!!), Marfa Table (also highly recommended and owner is the sweetest thing ever!), Squeeze Marfa (most amazing oatmeal you ever put in your mouth!),  Jetts Grille (Colt's favorite first stop for pistacchio crusted chicken fried steak), Food Shark (MUST GO!), The Get Go (local produce grocery store), Frama (local coffee shop attached to Tumbleweed laundromat), and of course Austin Street Cafe (only open on Sunday's and it is by far the most adorable and quaint breakfast restaurant I have ever been too!).  That was the food recap...well that is pretty much all we did ;-)  Of course Vilis and Tom over at Inde/Jacobs gallery are always pleasant hosts to their uber minimalist art gallery. They happen to be friends with a couple of our friends here in Chicago.  SMALL world!  Anyways, I took 2000+ photos and here is a large sample of some of the shots from the trip.  

If you have ever thought about making a pilgrimage to Marfa, TX don't think twice....just do it! You won't regret one moment!  I can't wait to go back next year!

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design traveller

Great photos. You've captured the spirit of the place.

Harbenger Duo

great photos manuel! are you going to present some of these on the 1st?


It's great!!.............................................

massi suggest me to sing Malfa as one of my next trip?

beautiful pictures.

victoria thorne

these are brilliant pics...esp. 204 (red chairs); have always wanted to go, now even more so


Envious. We were going to do the trip, but it will have to wait. Fun photos!

prada, marfa

prada, marfa

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