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Our friend Martha, came into town on Thursday night to visit all of her friends here in Chicago, so we decided to hit up Andersonville. Colt and I are thinking about moving up there (4 miles north of where we are) in the future. This area of Chicago, is a predominately Swedish neighborhood, I guess I will fit right in! ;-) Actually, I am 1/2 swedish coming from my mom's side and 1/2 mexican coming from my fathers side. No one would ever guess! Scroll below and see my mother... I definitely didn't get the blonde or blue eye genes! We first went and ate at Big Jones, coastal southern food, where they use local and organic ingredients. I had an amazing chicken fried steak! After our meal we headed to Mary's Attic to have a drink.  Here are some pictures of us over the weekend. I went for the lumberjack chic look that I have been sporting for awhile now. I just love my brawny man plaid! I also love my Sorrel boots that are not seen in these photos! I have no idea how I would survive a Chicago winter without them! 

and a shot of my Sorrel boots.. my winter staple!

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prada, marfa

prada, marfa

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