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always building: the programmable environment

A book by:
Herman Miller Creative Office, 2008

What if our buildings could respond to change as easily as we do? What if buildings never became obsolete, but instead could keep up with our own speed of adaptation and change? What if they were Always Building? Could technology reinvent our environments? 

If our habitats were programmable, what would we ask of them?

For many years, Herman Miller Creative Office, in study and partnership with designers and engineering teams from several disciplines, has asked that question and worked to find answers. 

This book is not only a record of their investigation into responsive environments, but also a presentation of the principles that have emerged to guide their development. And it is, most importantly, an open invitation to thought leaders and change makers to participate in changing the future of built environments."

from HermanMiller

download it for free here

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prada, marfa

prada, marfa

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