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design lust: hale-id

I have been meaning to rave about Jonathan Nesci for a couple of months now.  I first met him on a tour of Donald Judd's 101 Spring Street studio/living space where we first began our discussion/love/admiration for Donald Judd.  I was doing the tour with school for ICFF and he was there because he had some pieces being shown at ICFF (great honor)! I can tell by the workmanship, material selection, and the various accolades he has been receiving that he is going to be around the industry for quite some time.  I was going to only show a few pieces of his but it is too difficult to no narrow it down so I just decided to basically show it all.  Here is a level of talent that you don't come across too often from a very genuine and humble guy.  I wish him many successes and hope to have a piece or five of his in my home one day! Check his work out at Hale-ID.  Those bronze bookends are gorgeous. 
HALE, an industrial design company founded by Jonathan Nesci in 2006, is a part-design, part-production firm based dually in Chicago, IL and Scottsburg, IN.

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