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I bought this vintage print and frame for $12 down the street from our place and wanted to convert into a place to write notes etc.. I was wanting to use magnetic paint also but I just went on a whim the week of Thanksgiving and bought all of the supplies while Colt was in Iceland. So here it is. I primed the whole thing twice, then painted the frame a titanium white with 2 coats. Let dry, then taped off all edges and painted with chalkboard paint twice. This is the guest bedroom/office and has tons more work to do but things are moving a little more slowly than expected... which is okay. Anyways, I am getting ready to spend the holidays in Texas. Back to Houston and hopefully I can make it to Austin one day to see a couple of friends and see my project The Austonian which is near completion. Peace out ! -m

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Is this your place ? and is this where you blog ?

prada, marfa

prada, marfa

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