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a place for trace...

or trash paper or bumwad as one of my professor's called it. This is what every designer/architect needs on their desk. A place for trace. I am one of those designers too! This is a MUST have and will be on my Christmas list! $76 available at Merchant4 in 3 species. From Merchant 4:

"The ubiquitous roll of trace has long adorned architects' desks. As ours inevitably wound up in a drawer, only to succumb to marks and tearing, we had in our minds that there should be a better place for such an important tool. The result is Place for Trace." - Straight from the mouths of New York City-based, O'Brian Muehleisen Architecture Studio, who have designed this simple yet ingenious wood trace holder for architects. Able to hold a standard roll of trace, with room for up to 15 pens and pencils, Place for Trace is beautifully executed in four finishes: Walnut, Cherry, Oak or Maple. What to do if you love Place for Trace but aren't an architect? Use it as a handy 'Catch All' tool for your desk. It works great holding keys, spare change and pens.

Found on DesignMilk

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Harbenger Duo

wish i could be so organized just to need one of those for my desk.

prada, marfa

prada, marfa

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