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Some of my photos of Judd's works in concrete at The Chinati Foundation below:

Below are some of my shots of Judd's 100 untitled works in mill aluminum (1982-1986) housed in the two amazing artillery sheds located at The Chinati Foundation.

Donald Judd (minimalist artist and self proclaimed architect) is one of those artists that leaves one saying "I could do that" or "someone paid for that?", but if you dig deeper into the meaning behind Judd's works you will grow an appreciation for the meticiulious skill, detail, and beauty of breaking down objects to their simplest forms. Not only did Judd believe in controlling the art and their location but he often built entire buildings that were specifically built to house his pieces. This essentially created a built environment for the piece, a sense of permanence, but also gave the user/viewer an entire experience. I believe this is something designers (in my case Interior Designers) can learn from. We should not just be creating spaces (physical) to make things look desirable or use the most expensive material but we should be creating memorable experiences (psychological). In today's world one minute your in and one minute you are out (thank you Heidi Klum for the one-liner). People are in awe with beautifully detailed and articulate spaces but if one doesn't walk away with an experience, one that is truly moving, then those details and finishes have lost all of their meaning.

More info on Donald Judd:
The Chinati Foundation is a contemporary art museum in Marfa, Texas based upon the ideas of its founder, Donald Judd

A book I highly recommend on Donald Judd's architecture in Marfa:
Donald Judd Architecture in Marfa, Texas by Urs Peter Fluckiger buy here

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prada, marfa

prada, marfa

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