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HOTEL15 (where everyone gets their 15 minutes)
Privacy is essentially a modern invention. 
Towns used to be too small to have any secrets. 
In return for loss of privacy you get connection and community.


HOTEL15 provides a place where people can live out their fantasies of becoming fragments of popular culture while embedding themselves into a greater community network of like minded individuals.
  • The rooms and public spaces of the hotel become the stage for patrons.
  • Participants have the option of activating a live video stream of themselves to be placed on a hotel website.
  • Online participants can view the activity of the hotel online and interact through video chat with hotel patrons.
  • The The hotel and website create on-line databases that keep record of friends, interests, occupations, room preferences, and food/drink preferences in effort to create exceptional customer service programs.
  • The hotel rooms and public areas are equipped with cameras that start filming when they sense activity.
  • The cameras in the private rooms have the option of being turned on and off by the hotel guests.
  • When the camera turns on, the footage is streamed live to the HOTEL15 website and is accessible to millions worldwide.
  • Only members of HOTEL15can view the footage.
  • Only people that are over 18 years old and have access to a webcam can participate in the HOTEL15 viewing experience.
  • As each viewer tunes in, their web image gets live-streamed onto an lcd screen in the room they are viewing.
  • The viewers can communicate and be viewed by the room occupants.
  • The footage viewed by the most people gets projected on a large outdoor LCD screen that is visible to the public, serving as a notifier of what is going on inside at that very moment.
  • Each area of the hotel also displays screens that show live footage other public areas in the hotel.
  • No matter where you are, you are always connected to the other participants/guests.
  • All live footage is monitored by the HOTEL15 IT staff and placed into different categories on the website.
  • The IT staff is also accompanied by strict security staff that is ready to protect the hotel patrons at any time.
  • The website is used as a database for everyone that participates in it.
  • Any member of HOTEL15 can view the footage.
  • In order to interact and participate in the HOTEL15 experience one must create a profile.
  • The profile allows you to chat with occupants you are watching.
  • It also allows you a chance to request a room at HOTEL15

When an online HOTEL15 participant decides that they want to stop living behind the scenes, they can take a stab at becoming the focal point of this media interaction.
In order to do so, they must apply for a room through their online HOTEL15 account.
Upon room arrival, guests will then have freedom to express themselves over live broadcast. Their live feed will be monitored by the HOTEL15 IT department and fit into the appropriate channels based on the changing content for easier filtering and viewing.


Every patron that enters the bar has their ID scanned. The scanner automatically creates an online profile that is linked up with the general hotel network. The patron has the option of editing their profile and linking it with other social networking sites (i.e.: Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Blogger, etc.) The profile information keeps track of the patron's orders, interests and company. When someone creates a profile, they can access it from the hotel website or from an application on their iPhone and see who is at the bar. People can browse bar patrons based on age, gender, Facebook interests, mutual friends, careers, etc. This database and application allows patrons to monitor and intercept the exact bar experience that they are looking for.

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