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Over the years I have accumulated a rather large pool of talented friends that I collaborate with and/or bounce ideas back and forth with. John Hettwer is one of those individuals. Rice University trained architect and old work colleague, John has amazed me with his beautiful modern tree house interpretation. If I had a backyard I would have him design one for me immediately! What an amazing retreat this would be or even a little office in your own little jungle that you call your backyard. This specific tree house is located on a one acre plot about 2 hours south of Chicago (John is/was an ex-Chicagoan and now turned Houstonian). I think people in Houston could benefit from having a little casita for their children and/or themselves for a little weekday/end getaway! You can contact John if you are interested in having him design one for you @ Great job John!

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That's a wonderful tree house...the only modern design I've seen.

BTW, we have just hired a Rice architect to design a garage with studio above it in the Arts & Crafts style at The Bunny Bungalow. I'm nervous, as this is a first for us...building.


super cool! he is really talented.

prada, marfa

prada, marfa

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